2019 Nude Love Parade

In San Francisco we celebrate love and friendship with an annual nude parade. If the weather is not too cold, we have the parade in February call it the "Nude Valentine Parade". Otherwise we have it in March and call it the "Nude Love Parade". The 2019 Nude Love Parade took place on Sunday March 17.

parade 1.jpg

The parade is free for anyone to join, to follow, or to watch. Anyone can participate – visitors and locals, all genders, all ages. Any degree of nudity is legal at this event, including total nudity, though we recommend shoes or sandals for foot protection. Body paint, sexy costumes, and genital jewelry are perfectly acceptable.

The 2019 Nude Love Parade was held on Sunday March 17 at noon. The parade route started in the Castro District – once famous as the center of gay love -- and ended in the Haight-Ashbury District  -- where the Summer of Love took place in the year 1967. The route is shown in red in the map below.

Map - Nude Love Parade.png