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Fans of
Urban Nudism

Fans of Urban Nudism (FUN) focuses on eliminating nudity taboos — a type of taboo that is doing much more harm than is generally realized. FUN activists are motivated by the desire for a better world, where tyrants no longer exist, everyone lives comfortably, robots do all the work that nobody wants to do themselves, and people are free to pursue the goals and activities that they find most appealing.

Taboos can ruin our future

Studies published in the 1980s and 1990s suggest that prudishness is a mental illness that undermines people’s ability to think rationally and reduces their ability to solve social problems.


When a society becomes infected with prudishness it soon becomes burdened with unnecessary, harmful taboos that damage both the mental health of individuals and the social health of nations. Civilizations are weakened by such taboos — taboos against discussing certain topics, taboos against expressing opinions deemed ‘politically incorrect’, taboos against nudity and harmless sexuality, and taboos against criticizing religion and political stances and their promoters.


We must adopt effective, permanent methods to prevent such taboos from being taught to future generations. Otherwise, our society's ability to make rational decisions will be impaired, fools and tyrants will be elected to public office, and disastrous blunders will be made. Today's powerful technologies make such blunders a deadly threat to our civilization.

Looking ahead to when the CoVID-19 pandemic is conquered and business shut-downs are ended, we foresee a period of opportunity for bringing about the social changes that are needed for our civilization to flourish. As the stress of living through the pandemic diminishes, an unprecedented burst of creativity will take place, along with a willingness to consider new ideas and new attitudes. Personal freedoms that have been lost in the United States during the past 40 years or so will be regained.


We must take advantage of this opportunity to rise above the cultural, political, and intellectual blundering that has been leading the human race towards disaster for more than a century.

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